When Did It….

When did it start becoming okay to walk around unhappy? Why do people believe guarding themselves is protection? I walk down the street deep in thought, so I may look puzzled or even mean, but I am always thinking of ways to get people to “Forgive their Pain” and work toward happiness. If we think about it, most of us allowed something that was out of our control to effect so much that was within our control. We got fired and started breaking everything in our home. We lost the closest person to us and started pushing everyone else away. We were raised in the dark and refused to let in the light. You are not alone. Most people feel the struggles of living, but giving up will never heal our hearts. Giving up only makes things worse. Look the problem in the face and start solving it. Ask for help if the solution escapes you. Speak up if you are in pain, because though misery is good company; it will bankrupt you before making you wealthy. Fight for your happiness….you must believe you deserve it!!!!

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