Our Choices

This reality paints killers as Gods, liars as heroes, and cheaters as free. When did we start appointing leaders just to take shots at them? How do we look our children in the eyes and tell them to be all they can be when we have not worked hard to be all we can be. Crippled by our vices, we invest all our time in people we used as rides to the next ride, until we look back and see nothing because in our past we were nothing; and see our future as a brick wall that traps us in the moment. Who is really thejudge when truth leaves that tongue, and its deflected by “I been through this and been through that”, but when asked to make sense of it, anger follows and the problem becomes the voice of reason. When did we start fighting so much that we can see past that reflection of the ideal ‘you’? The ‘you’ that believes you changed because you can see change not because you acted. When did our closets become so filled with skeletons we have no space to hang our truths????

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