Another Short tale of A Past Love….

The next woman I committed to happened to be 13 years older than I was. I was 18 (so do the math). She taught me how it felt to be catered too. She taught me about passionate adult Love. I fell for her, she also happened to be the mother of a girl that admired me. So, I was hesitant about continuing the relationship with her, but she sat me down and expressed how she couldn’t allow her child’s unhappiness to dictate whether she will be happy in a relationship. It made sense, so we decided to commit. Guess why we broke up? Because her child was unhappy.
I learned how to be a husband in that relationship. I basically lived with her and learned the type of Love it took to keep a Loving household stable. 

2 thoughts on “Another Short tale of A Past Love….

  1. That’s what I would call a mature love story. Love which teaches you many good things and nurturea your strength to do good. It would have been really great if the child would have been happy but I guess that would have been very hard.


    1. It would have ended because who she was, would be who I wanted to be with as an adult. I think she knew, I knew would do disappointed with who she was once I was her age….but maybe I would have Loved her regardless and she knew I deserved better.


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