To My Mother….

Good Morning….It’s Friday WordPress….I would like to start the morning off give thanks to my mommy LaVarn Prince for being an exceptional role model, hard working, and fair mother.

Every time I hear stories of adults that had parents whom stole their childhood, I think of how blessed I was to have a mother that allowed us to be children and gradually grow into men. Every time I hear an adult speak about how their parents weren’t around to teach them life lessons, I remember all the days my mother sat me down and corrected all my wrong steps, how she took the time to explain where I went wrong, and I remember I am blessed. Every time I see tears falling from someone’s eyes, I know to hug them, and speak to them until their tears dry because I had a Mother that would hold me and tell me she Loves me, when the world felt too small to live in. Thank you Mommy….You have taught me what in means To know God because You have taught me what Love is….so thank You!!!!

Your son,

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