I welcome Judgment….

Saturday’s Sunday….

Let’s look at Judgment….

Who are the first people worried about being judged THE FAITHFUL OR THE CHEATERS?

If you tell someone to tie their sneakers and they ignore you, but step in a puddle and complain about their laces getting wet….you will be the first person to closes your ears, but a stranger that doesn’t know the whole story will tell you not to judge and people make mistakes.

It’s the same in a relationship, you put your best into a relationship; support them, listen to them, always on time, dedicated and devoted; Your consistent and dependable….and your partner is halfass, show up when they want, always has an excuse, cheated a few times, and the world will have you believe you aren’t “God” and shouldn’t judge them, because you aren’t perfect. YOU SEEMS LIKE THE PERFECT PARTNER TO ME….JUDGE THEM BY BEING OUT. THAT LACK OF JUDGEMENT ARE FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE LOOKING TO STAY IN A BAD SITUATION!!!!


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