Pain Tends to Create More Pain….

I must confess! I looked into a woman’s eyes, told her how I truly felt about her, and was rejected because she was afraid that I wasn’t telling the truth; like the last man that held her at night. The pain I experienced made me want to sleep with the three other women, which felt about me, how I felt about her. But, I paused. I thought!  I didn’t want to lead those women in the direction my heart was going, so I went back, and told that woman,  “the feelings I have for you are genuine.” I fought pass the cycle of hurt that has destroyed our communities, battled my demons, and found humility in being rejected. I sat on the couch and waited for her to respond. She turned to me and said   “It’s the genuineness in your eyes that scares me, I want to believe in you but forever is just a myth”. I walked out the door, knowing her faith has been stolen, and I wasn’t enough to return it. We were unequally yoked….


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