I Have Never Saw My Wife on TV

I’ve never saw my wife on TV; I have only met her in my mind. Such focus to detail, she places all my flaws in order, until I tackle each one. One by one, she folds and places them in a drawer. Questioning me to strive for answers. Her lips move my feet, words motivates my heart, dreams fuel my purpose. She places greatness in my sight, making sure I fulfill my vision. My wife was never captured on the screen, she was released from the prison of my imagination. The key to my idealistic reality. “I do” every thing in my power to invent her, so that man-kind can experience perfection. She’ll use my vocal cords to express my written words, breath to elevate the chest of others, and give life to a dying society- cloning our relationship, until there is no pain left. We’ll sweat up the sheets, making Love out of every nightmare. My wife can’t be seen on TV,  because the revolution will not be televised!!!!


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