Love Again….

I wish, I can be the desired urge. I wish, I can go to sleep and awake in the reality of the perfect dream. I wish, I could see  a sea that isn’t waving bye but saying hello. Yet, I wouldn’t have to wish, if people weren’t more worried about being missed than being present. They stand halfway out the door, wanting to be in control of when they leave and when they stay. Committing to a person, but holding on to their prized possessions. Absent of heart, mind you, they want all heart. Depressed, they refuse to rest next to someone that will offer them more, yet, they choose to be less. Penis swallowed just to be iced. Wanting to spoon but theirs a fork in the road. Wasting every moment, saving themselves from living, because all they see is death. Fear gives so many false confidence, but if they were truly courageous, they would allow themselves to Love again!!!!

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