The blood decides to surface, people are starting to take notice of lifeless bodies on the pavement. They see their children, fathers, and in some cases mothers dead. They call for justice, but the call goes straight to voice mail, so they post video after video to leave a message. It excites so many to form an opinion but that’s where a lot of it stops. Opinions, because everyone is entitled, right? What’s needed is a leader Charismatic enough to unite every voice that truly believes enough is enough. But, I forgot we are too busy having our own mind, or being comfortable in our own skin, to go back to having strong leaders again. One voice that can speak for a crowd of millions, one voice that has millions gathered outside of a police station, while they stand with one mic, speaking words of a silent background. They would hear this person because their numbers are strong, and they have command of the masses who follow. But, we have lost such leaders, because everyone has an opinion, and actions are dying because no one is listening anymore….We need Leaders and people who are unafraid to follow those leaders into a cause, just because, we are tired! 

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