​​I am one bullet away from my height, one inch away from stating my truths to someone that wants me to lie down, and say nothing. I risk breath for faith on a day to day basis, saying what others wish they had to courage to say. The ears can’t deafen, when they see someone whom presence makes them go blind. I am one stab in the heart from losing someone I Love deeply because they were too shallow, to address where their loyalty truly lives. I call them out because they were too busy trying to answer my tone then receiving my intentions. We hung up the relationship and we are on hold, looking for someone worth talking to. I am one person away from getting thrown under the bus because being blunt has been weeded out by everyone that smokes the theory that the fittest will only survive if they run others over. I attempt face to face knowing it’s coming back different….i am one pushed up daisy away from being remembered by millions of flowers on my casket, but at least I know I planted seeds that will grow from the soil I planted them in….Progress will never die!!!!


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