​We equate injustices to skin color, wealth, and privilege; we equate injustices to anyone in power abusing that power. What about those using their power to lift or assist? The wealthy white man that has donated funds to a poor black community; the police officer that solved crime after crime, bringing multiple families closure;  the handsome young man that took the school nerd to the prom, sacrificing one night of his life to change a young lady’s life. What happened to the acknowledgments of those sacrifices? Funny?! We can say police officers are bad, wealthy white men monopolize the world, or all men are dogs, but we can’t say drug dealers don’t have hope, poor people put themselves in poor positions, or all women are conniving. We always say if they are already beat down why beat them down more. But, we can rob people in authority of their position by generalizing them with the bad seeds in their status club. Think about this….injustice is also pulling someone down because you aren’t willing to climb!!!!


One thought on “Reflecting on Injustices….

  1. Now thats morning brain food. Were so brainwashed as a society, that we have become accustomed to letting those of unsuccessful circumstance live or focusing on bad that we even enable those behaviors we ourselves work hard not to exhibit.


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