I placed my hands in the air and surrendered to every element in life I have no control over. But, you better believe the things I do have control of, I will be taking control of. Any wrongs I have  done, I will make it right. Any right I have done, I will never allow people to tell me I was wrong without proof. Everybody in my circle will get everything I have to offer and anyone not in my circle I offer you clarity if needed. Anyone I don’t speak to, should understand why, and should understand I accepted we can’t coexist; but if we have to work together for a greater good I will be available. I am direct in my delivery and fair of heart. I prefer to be genuine than nice. I want truth over political correctness. I honor principles over emotions. I have fell in Love with Love and only want people in my personal life that mirror that faith. I have my hands in the air and will wrap arms around anyone strong enough to accept my embrace by embracing me back….

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