Pain isn’t cancer, Pain is a reward. It expresses what not to do, who not to be around, and what we need to overcome. It’s a journey, no more feeling sorry for yourself; release it. That relief won’t be in a drug, it will be in an ear that will use their voice to guide you to the pain killer; SOLUTION. Pain isn’t the enemy, it let’s you know when a doctor is needed, when a heart is broken, or when something is wrong. It helps us right ourselves, directing us to LOVE. Pain isn’t the disease. It’s the GPS that allows us to know we need to travel. So, don’t use pain as company, don’t allow it to trap you off from the rest of the world. Pain isn’t the destination, it’s reminds us we need help. So, Express that hurt today and Let someone in on your pain because no one should feel sorry for you because your pain just reminded you that you still have LIFE. So, stop telling people they don’t understand and explain yourself, you might actually realize being pain free starts will wanting to HEAL. Pain isn’t cancer, Pain it is a reward….

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