As men we were raised that using our fists would protect everyone we Love. If we learned how to solve our problems, by eliminating them, people will know better than to “FUCK WITH US”. Adulthood changes all that. We establish ourselves, we find a mate, we have children, and we build healthy positive friendships. We realize our fist will give us jail time and strip all of that away. We learn to fight for Love different. Instead of using our fists, we start using our heads. We try to resolve conflict with our brains over our brawn. We protect what we Love by always putting ourselves in a position to be present. God knows I have been tested, threatened, knowing I had the ability to hurt someone badly. Yet, I walked away and took one step closer to preserving my foundation. I showed my Loved ones that I Loved them more than my pride. As men we need to teach the next generation that being “A Man”, means thinking ahead and not giving into the moment. Violence will start a cycle of violence, leaving homes absent of MALE ROLE MODELS….

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