My coworker and I were talking about depression. She thought wanting to be home, trapped off from the world was normal or rather a preference. I told her it is cool to want to be home for alone time or spend time with her family but trapping herself off from the world is a sign of depression. Never wanting to be home or waking up feeling like you have no purpose, are all signs of depression. She avoids rejection so much that she doesn’t try, she does something wrong to someone and fixates on the wrong over making it right, and she accepts losing and is afraid of winning. I asked her when was the last time she went to sleep and looked forward to the next day. She said her birthday (2/22) and I said it’s been over a month. I asked her to think about that. You hate going to work to rush back home to do it all over again. I told her she has to start living. She needs to participate in life; if she wants to sit at home she can find something that interest her on social media and have a discussion, she can ask a coworker she enjoys if they would like to hang out, and/or she can start discussions with people that are hard to talk about….I told her to live because depression makes a lot of people think they are alone but people do care and want you to care as well. The first brave step she took was allowing me to use our discussion to inform others that they are not alone….


4 thoughts on “Depression is Sneaky

    1. You’re right! That’s why we have to encourage them to talk about it. We must show Love by having discussions that would mean being vulnerable enough to reveal the problem. They may not know but if we see it we must educate them.


  1. She is definitely not alone. I had a terrible bout last fall and it was a struggle to come out of it. I needed professional help to do it.


    1. No, she is not alone. It pains me to know that you were in pain but the fact that you decided to get help is a success story. Especially as a male because pride can definitely get in the way as a male. Thanks for sharing because being alone should never be an option. We should always find help


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