As a young man, I laced up my gloves anytime someone made me angry enough to fight. Matter of fact, I solved “My” issues with words, but for the people I Loved or saw being bullied, I placed my fist on someone quick. I mean, I went to random blocks for beef.  Blocks that could have gotten me killed. Yet, I walked up to groups of men and pressed the cat I had the issues with. I had no regard for consequences. I was more worried about meeting things head on.  I was a fool but I thought I was invincible. Shit, I was ready to die for “peace of mind” in the streets. I knew I grew, when someone hit me in the face while playing ball in college and I continued to play ball. I knew I grow, when I challenged others to fight for themselves before I fought for them. I know I grew, When the white drunk boys dared me to whip their asses but I know I would go straight to jail without collecting 200 dollars. God was with me! I am now blessed to be known more for the information I provide the world than the pain I caused the world. Yet, I am not done giving back….


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