Let’s be honest, As black men when we see other black men as a threat we believe we must be physically more equipt than they are. Yet, when we see white men as a threat we believe we must out think them. Why is that? Most would believe because we see black men as violent, criminals, aggressive, or physically dominant. That is part of the reason because our society paints that picture. But, the main reason is because we see black men as honest, direct, and assertive. So, we know whatever is coming will be straightforward. The objective will be present so we understand what is coming. Were black men view white men as sneaky, underhanded, and out to imprison us.  It’s not because we believe they are smarter, just built to deceive and use laws to their advantage, which make us more apprehensive to approach them in a direct and honest manner. I am a proponent of pro-human rights but I also understand that would take having an equal playing field….


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest….

  1. As an old white man I have little idea how black men see each other, but I can certainly understand how white men are viewed by black men. I used to be physically equipped enough to have little fear, but age has taken that away. Cognitive abilities are probably on the wain, too, but you are right about a level playing field. All we can do is to keep pushing for it for everyone, but it will be a long time coming.


    1. Trust me, I am pro human so I encourage people to try to identify with others struggles. How can we change something if empathy isnt used to connect? No, you aren’t a black man but I am sure you have been a victim of injustice. I am sure you have felt helpless at some point in your life. I think the key is identifying with one another and fight any injustices as a union. We need everyone to change inequality not just those that feel unequal.


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