The anger is in your face. The emotion of helplessness has you feeling caged in a place where freedom is sold.  Can you afford it? You inhale! Thinking one day you will have to pay for air, then you reflect. Realizing you already do. The price to breathe has been depressing you for years. Death has been an option too many times because the joy of living is short lived. You been to five funerals in the last three years, you trusted people that didnt have the same destination, and you been beaten down for attempting to inspire hope. You are losing. The negativity is pulling you in the ground but you continue to fight. You continue to search for reasons to lift your feet up and walk toward a more positive outcome. Believing there must be something greater has motivated you to get out of bed morning after morning. So you stand in the mirror this morning wondering why should you go on? The door to your room opens while you stare at your reflection. Two smaller reflections enter the mirror and your question is answered….


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