Our children are starving! They aren’t being fed information that will nurture them! They ask “Why” and we continue to lack the patience to answer all their questions. They want to know, they desire knowledge, but we are too busy dealing with “this life” to “repair our future.” 
Our children are thirsty! Their water is being replaced with blood. They can’t continue to digest one death after another and losing trust in purity of transparency. We are preparing them to survive but we aren’t preparing them to live. We are scared but we have to show them life can be better by fighting for a better life. 
Our Children are Homeless!They need a faith they can actually believe in. We can’t continue to sell them several paths when they are ready to walk. We must build them one path so they can all witness a more just and unified civilization. We are the leadership and we are failing them because we can’t agree on anything. 
Our Children are Growing!

Time is passing and soon they will be taking our place as leaders. We must sit them down at least once a day and remind them why it is important to Love. Why the passion of togetherness must build larger families. Our children need to have hope for the future or we have stolen their creativity to mold this earth into one big heart….


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