A Black gun was pulled out on a brown man by a white man with a light and dark blue outfit on. The white bystanders are turning pink from shame, the brown people looking on have clear transparent streams running down their cheeks in fear. The brown man was tussling with a white friend that attacked him because he took offense to being called a racist. Yet, the brown man was automatically labeled the aggressor by the black gun and the blue dressed white man holding it. The white friend tried to explain that he was the aggressor but his white privilege was overpowered by the ego of his power hungry counterpart. Color matters!

How can we stop it from mattering so much? Should we make more white guns, have more brown men in blue pulling them out on white men, have brown bystanders feeling shame and white people looking with clear transparency running down their cheeks? Or is it acknowledging the wrong in the room is the overaction of one white man wearing blue causing everyone else discomfort? 

Most will read this scenario and will never see the number of people that see the injustice but refuse to step up because of self-preservation. They are united in thought yet disconnected in action. The issue isn’t color as much as it is ignorance and our inability to come together and unite against that ignorance….


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