Lifeless on the floor! The blood from his body drained into the street mixing with the water from the hydren just a few feet away. No one saw anything but they crowd around while the cop search for answers and the body is zipped up in a body bag. Not a soul caught this on camera. Why? Because we keep the community violence to ourselves. This boy was a great kid. Went to school everyday, got great grades, was getting a scholarship for college both academically and athletically. His mother is on her knees crying because she lost all of her soul watching them take away her son. Yet, nobody saw a thing. The boy’s sneakers and wallet was missing. He had one shot to the head and two to the chest. People can hear the people yelling after the shots and everyone knew this child to be hopeful and on his way out of this crime restricting environment. Silence! Interviews on the news: “If this would have been a white rich neighborhood they would have already had the shooter”! “He was a kind and Loving child, we lost a good child”! These streets are starting to take the great souls of our community”! Yet, no witnesses….What are we doing to police our communities? We must help clean up the streets in the communities we live in. The police can’t do it alone….


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