Think People….

Think People….

Think people, Playing victim is too easy….
I was having a discussion with someone and they said “they have their own mind.” This is a cop out because  First off we all physically know others have their own mind. 

Second, Do people know when someone says “Rise above the influence”! They are talking about not following negative people or acts? It is okay to follow positive people or acts.
I asked her what is 1+1. She said I know she knows it. I said I can assume you do but until you tell me I dont know. She wouldn’t say the answer. So, I said if we all know the answer, we all followed someone else that came to that conclusion. Following what’s right is called “Education”. If you are around the right people you should be influenced and inspired by them….

Act or Shut Up

How does complaining solve anything?  Women, you stay with a cheating man because you Love him and don’t want to break up your family. That’s cool, but don’t complain about being with a cheating man that doesn’t put the same commitment into the family. Men, you stay with a woman you claim nags you and only focuses on herself, because she is home and has been good to you for the most part. Stay, but stop looking for answers to her nagging and self-absorbed ways because she is going to be her. Complaining will never lead to solutions, nor will expecting more from a partner that doesn’t have to be more to keep you around….



Open Your Mouth….

How is someone responsible for something you think they should know when you never told them? Communicate exactly what you want….Nobody should be expected to read between the lines, when you can be straight. Stop playing victim….You can’t justify staying, yet still complain about not leaving. You can’t expect someone to leave a person they can get over on. Be vulnerable….Put your heart on the line and test how strong your Love truly is. Challenge your relationship with honesty regularly. Open your mouth….Stop being a coward, hiding behind your right to conceal; you are in a relationship, nothing is yours anymore, it belongs to both of y’all!!!!

What it Means to Be a Couple….

A couple is two, but as one they become a unit. They take the risk of merging two power with the hope it would be electric. The sparks fly and they must be controlled enough to light up a home, which would house a family, and invite friends. A couple will actually bring more than two together because the multiplication will add up, to something that can only be subtracted if they allow division to keep them from being equals….

Just Doesn’t Add Up….

A calculated relationship may add up to a partnership, but it will subtract the trust and faith between two people. You can “ride and die”, but why go on a ride, when you can die with someone who will protect your heart? Someone that doesn’t provide the typical rollercoaster, but gives you comfort of a Love that allows you to breathe the same air as everyone else, yet exhale the purity of simplicity? A Love that’s consistent with the envy of everyone who can’t fathom it’s possible? Never Settle!!!!

Friendship Takes Honesty….

If you still have to “spare their feelings” as opposed to telling your truths, friendship isn’t your title. If they close up every time you challenge a position of theirs, friendship isn’t your title. If they only come to you with problems and continue to need to hear the same solution, friendship isn’t your title. But, if they embrace your truths, debate until there is a compromise, and come to you when they are ready to use the solutions you provide, friendship is your title. Tell a friend how you truly feel about them today- great, bad, and ugly….and see the result. True friendships are brought closer through raw honesty.

Set Your Value….

I know you held them at night, shared pillow talk, been together through thick and thin, but that’s not enough to accept disrespect. Actually, that’s why they should hold you closer to their heart. Yet, they take you for granted because they are willing to sacrifice everything for the single life. So, guess what, they should be single. Why are you holding on to someone that let go of you? Better yet, why are you holding on to something you should let go? You should be with a certainty, not a maybe. Go find someone that holds you close to their heart because those beats mean forever….